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Why you need Trademark Registration?

Logo of a brand is the most valuable asset of that business. So it is very important to protect your logo from being misused or duplicated by others in the market as it identifies you, your business, your products or the services that your provide. And the only way to protect your brand logo is by applying trademark. Trademark is a mark of your trade and brand. It is important to protect this identity through trademark registration in India.

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Steps Involved

Step 1: Receive Documents

Step 2: Application Drafting

Step 3: Review and Changes

Step 4: Trademark Registration

Documents Required:

For Individual/Startups

Legal document

Identity proof and

For Company/Partnership/LLP

Shops Establishment License

Certificate of Incorporation

Address proof of the company

For Partnership firm

The Partnership Deed

Time Taken For Trademark Registration

Minimum 3 days