PF Return Filing

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Mandatory for all establishments which employ 20 or more persons.

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Why you need PF Registration?

  • PENSION COVERAGE: Besides the contribution of the employee to EPF, the employer adds an equal amount which is inclusive of Employee Pension Scheme (EPS). Therefore, EPF saves you a robust pension.
  • RISK COVER: Provident Fund helps the dependents of the employee by covering the financial risks they face any instances like illness, demise or retirement
  • SINGLE ACCOUNT: The PF account can be easily transferred while switching employments. It can be carried forward to any other place of employment instead of being closed down. This uniformity ensures that the rate of return is compounded over the years.
  • EMERGENCY FUND: EPF amount can be of great help during unanticipated occasions like mishaps, illnesses, weddings and educational expenses.

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Steps Involved

Step 1: Receive Documents

Step 2: Application Drafting

Step 3: Review and Changes

Step 4: PF Registration

Documents Required:

Form 2: Form 2 is divided into two distinct parts:

Part A
The following details of the nominee must be included in this part of the form:



Relationship with the subscriber


Sum of money to be paid to the nominee

Guardian details (if the nominee is a minor)

Part B

Name of Organization

Address of organization

Code number of organization

Account number of employee

Name of employee

Name of the husband/father

Date of Birth of the employee

Date of joining

Track record of work

Form 10: Following details must be filled in the form:

Account number.

Name of employee.

Name of the father or husband.

Date of leaving service.

Reason for leaving service.

Form 12A

Form 12A is a report that includes the details of the payments contributed to the account of the respective employee in a particular month.

Time Taken For PF Return Filing

Minimum 2 days